5 Tips for Dealing with Depression and Chronic Pain around the Holidays

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For many reasons, but especially having chronic pain, we humans can have bouts of the blues. Holiday time can trigger an episode quicker than ever due to expectations we feel from others, and even from ourselves.

This article provides some useful tips to deal with the potential and the experience of depression, specifically for those with chronic pain and depression around the holidays and can be applied any other time as well.

Thank you to Stephanie Burke of Spine-Health for her timely article first appearing Nov. 2014, represented for this new holiday season.

CLICK HERE: 5 Tips for Dealing with Depression and Chronic Pain around the Holidays

depression @ holidays

Additionally, chiropractic care may help chronic pain sufferers, not only directly by treating the cause of pain, but also indirectly by rebalancing the nervous system.  If you haven’t yet tried chiropractic care, give us a call at Levin and Chellen Chiropractic.  We are happy to help you find answers to your health concerns.  Have a happy holiday!

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