“Abbreviated” Treatment Visit

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Our “Abbreviated treatment visit”, at only $37, is a very affordable way to get your alignments when your condition is mostly stable and you don’t need our “Standard Visit” which, at only $65,  is still a great value and offers more service for those in need.

 An “abbreviated treatment visit”, as an established patient, (having had an initial visit including a health history and examination) includes:

• chiropractic adjusting

• will not include the soft tissue therapy. There will be minimal attention to extremities (ribs, hands, shoulders, feet, knees, TMJ, etc.) and minimal self-care instruction.

This care is for maintenance or wellness and will not be submitted to your insurance company. Insurance companies do not pay for “maintenance” or “wellness” care; however, this is may be an HSA qualifying expense.

Note:  This option is often a good one for children.  Parents appreciate the affordability of having their children checked and adjusted with some regularity for spinal alignment.


“Our whole family is thrilled to have found Levin and Chellen Chiropractic.  They are    extremely honest and knowledgeable, and also very reasonably priced.”

A.H., Homemaker

“Your adjustments last longer. (than those I received from previous chiropractors)”

C.B., Minnetonka

“Your care is the best I have ever had!  The help you give me is extraordinary!”

A.B.., Minnetonka, MN

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