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Activator Method Technique instrument

Activator adjusting instrument

Activator Technique Preferred By Many

“I always appreciate the personalized treatment I receive and the welcoming, caring atmosphere.   It is not like your average cold sterile chiropractic office.   Their office is in the lower level of their home and very comfortable and professional. They take the time to listen to your concerns and recommend an ongoing natural drug-free treatment plan that will work for you.    I have been a regular patient for over 15 years and highly recommend their services – especially if you don’t do well with the “adjustment” type chiropractic care.    Their more gentle method with the Activator and massage type adjustments are very effective and much more comfortable that regular chiropractic “adjustments. 

I highly recommend if you want natural, caring, professional chiropractic care!”

Mary R., Plymouth

Activator Technique is a favorite of chiropractic patients due to its gentleness and precision.  It is based on the latest and best research being done on human anatomy and biomechanics.

Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique is one of many chiropractic adjusting techniques developed over the 100 plus years of chiropractic’s history.  All techniques are based on principles of physics, physiology, and biomechanics of the human body.

Chiropractors learn one or two, maybe three techniques while in chiropractic college, and there are many seminar/workshop opportunities for a DC to learn new techniques during their career. They will most likely perfect one and use it most of the time with most of their patients. On occasion, chiropractors will employ secondary techniques to fit some special individual need or preference of a patient. There are a handful of “most used” techniques among chiropractors worldwide and Activator is one of them.

Dr. Levin and Dr. Chellen have been trained to the highest level of proficiency certification in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique.

They have been successfully helping hundreds of people recover from pain and loss of the joy of life’s activities, using Activator Technique for over 20 years!


For a good review of Activator Methods history, go to their website at this link.


“I’ve seen Sharon specifically for her expertise in the Activator Method (which I find  more gentle and precise than traditional manual spinal manipulation)….When my back, neck, hips (or you name) it is out of alignment–she fixes it. If you’re looking for a more personalized, custom and caring approach — I definitely recommend trying them out”

-Tina, Minnetonka

“I have had treatments with the Activator before and it didn’t help, but when you (Dr. Levin) used it, it’s a totally different experience.  It worked!  I left your office without pain!”

– Pat, Minnetonka

“I found Drs. Levin and Chellen because they are listed as “advanced proficiency rated” on the Activator website. My previous doctor in Michigan recommended I find someone in my new home location via this website with that specific designation. I have found great results from chiropractors who use that device. Dr. Levin has been a God-send! I have intermittent lower back issues and she recently got me back on track very quickly. She takes the time to listen to what’s going on for me and looks to help alleviate the root cause, not just the symptom! She provides soft tissue manipulation as well….a big plus from my previous experience!

I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a chiropractor.”

– Mike C., Chaska


Click here to read more… You will be taken to the Activator International website.


The Student

I first became acquainted with the Activator Technique back in chiropractic college. The year was 1995 and I was in my “public internship” phase of my training as a chiropractor. A fellow student who was a term ahead of me had explored the Activator technique and was already using it with his patients at the clinic where I was assigned. During some down time we were chatting and he asked me if I was familiar with the Activator technique. I told him, “I am sorry Andy, but that little gadget is not really doing anything. I just can’t believe it can do any good.” Fortunately, Andy didn’t hesitate to respond with more detail. He explained the theory and science behind the instrument and the technique. His patients were consistently pleased with the results they were getting for pain relief as well as their ability to return to normal activities. Additionally, there were new patients calling in requesting Activator treatment and they were all assigned to him because of his knowledge of the technique. He encouraged me to begin attending technique seminars and learning about it myself. “You won’t be sorry!”, he said.

Well, I did start learning the Activator technique because of his words and because of my respect for him as a person of high personal ethics and serious study. I have been ever grateful for his advice! So have our patients, who are full of compliments regarding their experiences with Activator treatment. Men and women, young and old, big and small, have all remarked what a wonderful technique it is and how nice it is to have an alternative to the more dynamic techniques* as their only choice.

Dr. Nels Chellen

The Athlete

A few years ago a call came to our office from a professional athlete looking for an Advanced Certified Activator Practitioner. His preference was developed through his experience as a chiropractic patient and having tried various other techniques of chiropractic adjustments.

On one of his visits, for treatment, I noticed a particularly immobile joint and asked his permission to try using an alternative adjustment technique rather than the usual Activator adjustment. He agreed and I delivered his adjustment, which went well.

At his next visit, he mentioned that he preferred receiving only Activator adjustments. I inquired as to why and he replied that he thought the other type of adjustment may have made him sore. I thought this was quite interesting because I had provided hundreds, maybe thousands, of the other type of adjustments to patients over the years and never had that feedback from anyone. For him, though, all 230 pounds of bone, muscle, and toughness, it made a difference. I happily complied.

I now repeat these stories to my patients who seem to have doubts about “that little instrument” being able to do what it is supposed to do. “If it can work for a man of his size and strength, it can work on anyone!”, I tell them.

Activator Technique is also so mild and gentle that it is a perfect choice for children.  The Activator adjusting instrument can be “tuned” or graded down to provide just the right amount of thrust appropriate for very small persons as well as for tender parts of very large persons.

An Informative Video

Here is a video describing how chiropractic services were added to the Veteran’s Administration and it describes the use of the Activator Instrument.

If you would like to experience the Activator chiropractic technique, just give us a call to schedule your first visit or a no-obligation consultation. We are waiting to help you!  

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*The “more dynamic” techniques of adjusting in chiropractic have been the mainstay for most of the decades of chiropractic’s existence. These techniques have served well and done a tremendous amount of good without hurting people. For many, once they are aware of the gentleness and effectiveness of the Activator adjustment, they are quite happy to choose it as their technique of choice.