Our Purpose and Philosophy of Care

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Our purpose is to fulfill

your wish for a pain-free, active life; 

able to do all the things 

which  make you happy.

We offer our commitment to you and your family with our philosophy and practice of the Golden Rule.  We strive to be the health care professionals that we would send our most beloved to.  Our ultimate mission is to help you to need us less, but are here for you when you need our help.  We have always subscribed to the high standards of the American Holistic Medical Association’s Ethical Guidelines and The Ten Principles of Holistic Medicine (click here).


You are free to use our services as much or as little as you deem necessary.  We will give you our best clinical advice regarding your condition and needs, but will not pressure you into an extensive treatment plan.  We will let you know if we determine that your condition is not one that we can help you with and make recommendations for where you may receive the help that is more appropriate.

How We Are Different

Our office setting is professional and comfortable without being fancy or high-tech.  We manage our office overhead so that we can give you more time and service.  A standard office visit is 30 minutes with the doctor, and includes treatment as well as self-care instructions for faster healing and therefore fewer visits.

Specialized soft tissue therapies are provided by hand, by the doctor, to address restricted and painful muscles.

The time and service we provide to help you at Levin and Chellen Chiropractic is extraordinary in health care these days, especially at our reasonable rates.

  • We are personal health care providers, taking time and giving thought to your needs.
  • We care for one patient at a time and do not double book.
  • Our decisions are made with you and for you.
  • We believe that your health care should be about YOU, not us.
  • We will never pressure you with sales and marketing strategies.
  • We are NOT a “high volume” patient mill.
  • We run on time.  Rarely is there any waiting.
  • Our practice has grown through referrals, not ads.

Please see our Testimonials page to get an idea of how our patients experience us.

Please call (952) 474-1777 to talk to a doctor or to schedule an appointment.



              The way it should be, after all.

If you would like to discuss whether chiropractic care is right for you, just give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation on the phone or in person.  
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