First Visit: What to Expect

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Our primary concern is determining whether you are in the right place to receive the right care for your condition. If, as a result of your examination, we determine that you need a different kind of specialist, we will refer you there. As licensed doctors, we are trained to diagnose your condition. We consider your well-being to be our top priority.

first visit

We will begin with a thorough review of your health history and current condition.

Next, a physical examination (clothed) which includes:

  • Vital signs

  • Orthopedic Testing: determining the structural nature of your condition

  • Neurological Testing: determining the degree of nervous system involvement

  • Chiropractic Exam: procedures which determine the nature of any misalignments or distortions in your joints primarily, but also in your soft tissues (muscles and connective tissues).

first visit

Once the evaluation is completed and we are assured that it is safe and proper to treat you we will proceed to address your symptoms with treatment consisting of chiropractic adjusting (alignment) of your involved joints and muscle therapy (therapeutic massage).

 As part of your overall treatment plan, future visits, if needed, may include recommendations and/or instructions regarding

  • posture

  • workstation alteration

  • nutritional considerations

  • strengthening and stretching

  • In most cases, we do not order x-rays. Our techniques do not require them. We will discuss with you any need for x-rays or MRI. Those instances are usually related to traumas and to health history or exams which point to unusual findings.

Please go to the Forms page of this site once you have scheduled your first visit and download the forms. Fill them out as completely as possible before your visit. Be sure to bring the forms along with you to our office. We will not be able to serve you without them and you would be required to rewrite them.

Note: If you have a BlueCross policy, Worker’s Compensation claim or Auto/No-Fault policy claim, we will verify your insurance benefits before your initial visit. When you call to schedule your first visit please have your insurance information available.

If you would like to discuss whether chiropractic care is right for you, just give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation on the phone or in person.  
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