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You have several options of payment for chiropractic services.  Your best option depends on your insurance benefits and the level of care you need to recover.

Insurance and other forms of payment

We accept cash, personal and business checks, and the following credit cards, debit cards and HSA/MSA and Flex Spending cards:

  •  Visa

  •  MasterCard

  • Discover

  • American Express

NOTE: We offer some great options for those with minimal chiropractic insurance benefits.  Our “Abbreviated Visit”, at only $37, is a very affordable way to get your alignments when your condition is mostly stable and you don’t need our “Standard Visit” which, at only $65, is still a great value and offers more service for those in need.  In between these two options is the “Adjust Only Visit”.

RATES: If you are interested in the rates for our services, please click here: Rates

Medical Insurance

Our clinic is “in-network” as providers for the following health insurances (call if yours is not listed):

Blue Cross Blue Shield

We are “in-network” providers for BlueCross BlueShield. You will get the highest benefit from your policy by using an “in-network” provider.


Levin and Chellen Chiropractic is proud to be recognized by BlueCross BlueShield as a Blue Distinction health care center.payment Blue Distinction recognizes doctors and healthcare facilities that focus on delivering value to patients with proven expertise in delivering specialty care including:
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Results


We accept Medicare as a “non-participating” provider. The term “non-participating” means we do serve Medicare insured patients and you may use your Medicare insurance.   We collect the fee for the visit at the time of your treatment and file your claim for you. You will be sent the reimbursement for qualifying services directly from Medicare and possibly from your supplemental insurance, if applicable after the claim is processed by Medicare.


For a Medicare document which explains what is covered and what is not covered by Medicare in a chiropractic office, click here:  ABOUT MEDICARE

This link may also be useful: Chiropractic Services (at

We also accept:


No-fault Auto: for injuries associated with use or maintenance of a vehicle.  Your automobile no-fault policy includes personal injury protection, which is standard in Minnesota, and allows you to see any willing licensed provider for care of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident or injury associated with your vehicle. “Injuries associated with use or maintenance of a vehicle” may be a back sprain from lifting groceries out of the trunk or from doing maintenance work. Auto insurance covers your treatments after an injury until you reach “pre-accident condition”.  We will submit your claims for you.  Please see our page on Auto Accident Injuries.

Personal Injury Insurance: for injuries associated with mishaps such as slips and falls. We will submit your claims for you.

Worker’s Compensation: Worker’s compensation injuries are also covered by state law and allow you to see a chiropractor or other licensed provider of health care. Be sure you file a Report of Injury with your company prior to making your first appointment with us. Bring any necessary forms given to you by your employer to your chiropractic visit. We will determine with you whether you need to be given work disability restrictions and help you communicate with your employer regarding your injury and healing status. We will submit the claims to the insurance company for you.

Out-of-network Plans: though we do not file your claim and payment is required at the time of service you may qualify for reimbursement by your insurance plan when receiving care in our office. We will provide a detailed Statement containing all information your insurance company may need to process your claim. (examples are Medica, Health Partners, United Health, Cigna, Preferred One)

Note: These insurances (listed under “We also accept”) allow you to see any licensed provider of your choice for care.  A good source of information regarding how insurance works, what to do when you have a claimc, and the legal aspects of insurance and insurance claims is: State of MN Insurance Consumer Information

When We Are Not In Your Network of Providers:

Many of our patients choose to use our services even when we are not in their insurance network of providers.  They will often have “out-of-network” benefits in their policy.  The benefit of using a provider found by referral from a trusted friend or family member often outweighs this.  Rather than  take your chances with a provider who you do not know and is in your network, consider the testimonials given by our patients who consider the care we provide as well worth the difference in cost.

If you have out-of-network benefits, we will provide a statement which contains all the necessary information required by the insurance company.  In most cases, all you need to do is make a copy of the statement for your own file and send a copy to your insurance company’s claims department.

Be sure to contact your insurance company’s customer service to inquire about what out-of-network benefits you have on your policy.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS (HSAs) For High-Deductible Plans

An HSA is a special account you may open at participating savings institutions, such as banks and credit unions, into which you may place an amount of pre-tax dollars per year to cover qualified health care costs.  MSA’s, HSA’s and Flex Plans are similar, though they have differences.  All of these are acceptable and approved for use in our clinic (when used according to your plan/ contract).

Search the term “Health Savings Account” on the internet to learn more.  Paying for health care expenses with untaxed dollars is fun!  Here is a link to an IRS document which gives an abundance of good information on HSAs, MSAs, and FSAs: IRS Publication

BEWARE! Some banks charge a lot of fees to have a Health Savings Account, while others don’t.  So, shop around.

NOTE: If you have an HSA account which you are used to using to pay for services, via a credit card/charge card connected to your HSA. You may write a personal check for services received from this clinic and then reimburse yourself from your HSA by requesting a transfer of the exact amount from your HSA into your personal checking account.  Keep the receipt for this transfer, and your receipt from our office for services, in your HSA file in the remote chance you are ever audited.

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