Why You Should Stop Sitting On Your Wallet

This one is for the men…*

Save yourself from the destructive consequences of sitting on a wallet. If you have been to a chiropractor, you have already heard this and had the “Why” explained to you. If you have not and are not sure “why”, take a look at the accompanying illustration and understand that it’s about two things,

1. an unlevel foundation for the spine and the compensations the body makes to counter that unlevel foundation

2. the wallet is pressing into the buttocks muscles and is slowly crushing the sciatic nerve buried deep within those muscles.

You may not be experiencing the symptoms of either one of these, yet, but it’s really just a matter of time. After 20 plus years in practice, we have treated plenty of men for this condition.  Be aware that this is a slow-burn phenomenon and you will most likely not be aware of the damage until it’s “too late”; reversing the configuration of your spine and pelvis will be time-consuming and costly. Enough said?

* For the women: do you fold up one of your legs underneath you when you sit down? You are pretty much doing the same thing!

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