Think Twice Before Getting Knee Surgery

“Think Twice Before Getting Knee Surgery”

There is a lot of knee pain “out there” and you may be one of those with it. Here is a well-written article to consider before asking your doctor for surgery. There is very little evidence that surgery helps most knee pain- unless there has been a traumatic injury.

The author concludes, “If you have bum knees, think exercise and weight loss before submitting to the knife.” I’ll also add that for 20 years the doctors of Levin and Chellen Chiropractic have greatly enhanced the healing process with our expert realignment of misaligned knee structures and muscle and fascial therapy for the supporting soft tissues of the knee. Our patients report significant reduction in pain and need for pain killers and increased ability to return to the activities they love. They often remark, “Why did I wait so long to come and see you?”
By the way, when there is an imbalanced load of forces on the knees transmitted from a hundred or more pounds of body weight coming from a distorted frame above (bones and muscles), the knees take an awful beating. Rebalancing the spine can significantly reduce the stress put on the knees this way.
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