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Dr. Sharon Levin

Biographies: Sharon Levin D.C. ( Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr. Levin is a 1995 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota (now Northwestern Health Sciences University).  She holds a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC).  After practicing in Minneapolis for two years she and her husband, Dr. Nels Chellen, opened Levin and Chellen Chiropractic, Natural Family Health Care in Minnetonka in 1997.

Also in 1995, Dr. Levin became a certified Neuromuscular Therapist and assisted Judith Walker as a trainer for Neuromuscular Therapy students.  In 1998 Dr. Levin completed her Advanced Proficiency certification in Activator Methods technique, a low-force, mechanically assisted adjusting technique.

Since opening her first practice she has been offering her time and expertise to her community as a volunteer speaker/educator in schools and other community organizations.  In 2007 she began to volunteer her speaking services through the Foundation for Wellness Professionals and in 2008 she co-founded the Foundation for Health and Wellness in the Public Interest.  FHWPI is a non-profit organization comprised of health care professionals giving their time and expertise to educate their community.  Please see, to learn more.

Within and outside of the Foundation she speaks to a wide range of audiences who are interested in the ever-growing field of natural and holistic health care. Along with her husband, Dr. Levin is passionate about sharing her vast knowledge of self-care strategies which enable people to live happier lives, free as possible of the consequences of health breakdowns.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Levin for numerous problems. Extreme hip and leg pain brought me to the office. Besides that, I had problems with my right hand, both feet  and lower back. Dr. Levin treated me for all areas.

I have never had a healthcare provider who spent so much time with me. Dr. Levin not only treated me in the office, but sent exercises home with me, called several times between appointments to see how I was doing, and researched my symptoms for possible cause. I truly felt better after just the first appointment, but have booked several since because it took me years to get in the bad shape I was. I didn’t expect miracles after one treatment. That said, Drs. Levin and Chellen’s  philosophy is that they want their patients to not need their services in the future. Levin and Chellen Chiropractic is the most personal, respectful, and helpful clinic I’ve ever been connected with and recommend the doctors highly.”

Overall:  A
Availability:  A
Office Environment:  A
Punctuality: A
Staff Friendliness:  A
Bedside Manner:  A
Communication:  A
Effectiveness of Treatment:  A
Billing and Administration:  A

Pat, Minnetonka, MN

Dr. Nels Chellen

Biographies: Nels Chellen D.C. ( Doctor of Chiropractic)

Dr. Chellen is a 1996 graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota (now Northwestern Health Sciences University).  Besides a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and elementary education.  Before chiropractic school he worked as a child care counselor in Minneapolis and an elementary school teacher in Orono.

In 1997 Dr. Chellen completed his Advanced Proficiency certification in Activator Methods technique. In 2006 he opened Pure Meditation, an instructional workshop offering lessons in the art and techniques of meditation.  In 2007 he began to volunteer his speaking/educational services as a member of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals.  Long before speaking as members of the Foundation, he and his wife, Dr. Sharon Levin, had shared their helpful knowledge with schools, parent education groups, support groups, special interest, and service groups such as the Lions. Together they hope to provide others with a positive, can-do perspective on the choices we all have in taking care of ourselves, being strong, healthy, and informed.

In addition to health care, Nels and Sharon enjoy gardening, nature, cooking, travel, meditation, camping and hiking, campfires, family get-togethers, baseball (The MN Twins), and music of many varieties.

“It can be difficult to find a Health Care Provider that actually listens to you. Dr. Chellen is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and profoundly helpful.  I never feel rushed, and always leave feeling well taken care of.  I had a complicated Worker’s Comp/Personal Insurance situation that they handled with ease.  Attentive care in warm, inviting offices – would recommend to anyone.  In fact, I sent the rest of my family there!” 

Zach, Minnetonka, MN